French Tech : plus de 7 millions d'euros levés par 10 start-up cette semaine | Les Pépites Tech

French Tech : plus de 7 millions d'euros levés par 10 start-up cette semaine

Relevé hebdomadaire effectué par la banque d'affaires spécialiste de l'industrie numérique eCap Partner.

Trusk - 2 M€

Services to Individuals

Trusk is a Web platform that enables to move furniture through a network of carriers "Truskers" with a utility.

Investors: Via ID, TheFamily, GFC

Argentoratum App - 2 M€

Tourism, Leisure

Argentoratum App is the publisher of an augmented reality app of the city of Strasburg in the Gallo-Roman times.

Investor: Bockel

LoginChinese - 700 000€

Education and Training, HR, Jobbing

LoginChinese is a Web platform that makes learning Chinese easy thanks to a revolutionary learning method.

Investors: crowdfunding (via Sowefund)

Beboats - 500 000€


Beboats is an online price comparison platform for boat rental.

Investor: Sailing Invest

Makake - 392 000€

Education and Training, HR, Jobbing

Makake is a marketplace where companies can outsource their R&D projects to experts they select through the platform.

Investors: Business angels

Mediego - 300 000€

Marketing & Communication

Mediego is an innovative solution for personalization based on a behavioral algorithm that analyzes complex data collected online or via outlets in real-time.

Investor: IT-Translation

Rapidle - 300 000€

Retail and Logistics

Rapidle is a mobile app to pre-order its meal online and retrieve it in-store, avoiding queues.

Investor: Day One Entrepreneurs & Partners

Newmips - 290 000€

Enterprise Software

Newmips has developed a bot to facilitate Web applications building.

Investors: Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, Bpifrance

Giive - 100 000€

Green and Sustainable Development

Giive is a Web platform that rewards individual donors and charitable work volunteers.

Investors: not disclosed

Synapscore - ND

Enterprise Software

Synapscore uses artifical intelligence to help organizations during their complex transformation projects.

Investor: not disclosed

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