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France-Taiwan public seminar on innovation & entrepreneurship

Mardi, mars 28, 2017
Table ronde

The French Office in Taipei, Business Next (MEET), French Tech Taiwan and MIC (III) have the pleasure to invite you to an outstanding experience sharing seminar by two entrepreneurs and innovation supporters in the person of Dr Xavier Duportet, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Emerging Technologies, MIT young entrepreneur of the year (2015) and Dr Ju-Chun Ko, a talented entrepreneur often described as an artistic-engineering-designer’s soul. From 5pm to 6pm, they will both discuss innovation in the digital sector (IoT, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, mobile apps…), share their experience and views as young entrepreneurs and introduce the French and Taiwanese innovation ecosystems. An interesting aspect will be the debate of deep technologies vs. soft technology and their impact on tomorrow’s economy and society. The discussion will be followed by half an hour Q&A with the public.