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Eldorado and Les Pépites Tech went to the 2018 edition of Slush to represent the largest community of French startups in the world and to see the trend of startups and fundraising there. Held from the 4th to the 5th of December, this spectacular event gather together 20.000 visitors, 1.600 investors and 600 journalists from all other the world.

Slush is a student-driven movement founded to facilitate founders and investors meetings and to build a world-wide startup community.
It is without a doubt one of the best event for entrepreneurs, as you can find there the best startup/investor ratio.

For the fourth consecutive year, Business France will be coaching ten french startups. They will be offered the possibility to practice their pitches with the Head Coach of the finnish accelerator STARTUP SAUNA. Moreover, founders will be receiving advices from the 1st nordic startup community, Maria01, prior to their appearance to the event.

Finally, the French Tech will put at their disposal a 4m2 stand, visibility on social networks and the French Tech side-event to network.


“Cars talk, Carfit listens. Predictive car maintenance made easy.”

Cars really can talk and thanks to Carfit we can actually understand what they’re
saying! Carfit’s innovative solution collects data from cars based on NVH (noise,
vibration, harshness) knowledge, allowing car owners, manufacturers and car
service centers to monitor the car’s state and predict possible technical issues,
increasing safety and reducing maintenance costs all at once.

“Tailor-made travel tours at local prices”

Founded in 2009, Evaneos is the world's first online platform that allows
travellers the freedom to create tailor-made trips abroad directly with a local
travel agent in the destination itself. Evaneos offers local travel agents a unique
platform allowing them to create trips directly with travellers. There are today
more than 160 available destinations covered by 1,300 travel agents.

“Deploy Your Business Mobile Solution Anywhere, Anytime”

Famoco provides an Enterprise Mobility Management solution with a suite of
Android-based secure devices, remotely manageable from a mobile device
management SaaS platform. The devices are instantly set-up to allow for easy
and quick deployment. All devices are based on a 100% reprocessed Android
OS which makes it secure for all data processed through the apps.

“Working space evaluation for better wellbeing”

GreenMe is an analytics and diagnosis assistance software aiming to increase
the quality of working environments and the wellbeing of employees. Its wireless
device measures ten different comfort and health parameters. Already adopted
by large listed groups, this powerful data analysis tool provides companies with
accurate recommendations on how to improve their working space.

“Award-winning AI service for fashion trend forecasting”

Billions of fashion images are shared on social media every day. By analyzing
these images with an AI based image recognition technology, Heuritech provides
brands with relevant data on clients, products, competition and markets to make
product monitoring and trend anticipation more efficient. Their revolutionary
innovation won the LVMH Innovation Award in 2017.

“Automated and continuous audits for stronger cybersecurity”

The ISARS audit is an innovative software solution, which allows companies to
manage their cybersecurity more effectively. With the help of ISARS, IT
departments, CISOs, internal auditors and controllers can run automated and
continuous audits on all Windows PCs to detect weaknesses, analyze risks and
correct faults in the company’s security system to avoid data theft and intrusion.

“Easiest way to analyze and visualize your data”

JetPack Data is here to rescue all of you who struggle with data analyzing. For
every hundred employees there are only 2-3 data analysts, which is not a lot
these days when everyone is generating data. On JetPack Data’s cloud-based
platform any employee can analyze and visualize data with a simple drag &
drop action, which increases efficiency and reduces costs significantly.

“Find your buddy, play, loot!”

Missing a play mate? Kyklos gathers gamers and e-sport teams searching for
great teammates on a matching platform designed exclusively for game
enthusiasts. To create efficient teams, the matchmaking tool analyzes the player’s
gaming skills and goals as well as their personal profile. Kyklos rewards players
according to their play time and performance with virtual currency.

Laika takes care of your dog when you’re not home”

Ever wonder what your dog is up to when you’re out? Laika is the first robot
companion for dogs, who takes care of your best friend when you need to be
elsewhere. Thanks to a hidden camera and speaker, you can interact and train
with your pet from wherever you are and reward it with Laika’s treat tosser. If
you are at work or driving, Laika can entertain your dog when it needs it.

“Manage and monitor your entire IT landscape remotely”

LiveMon takes the IT monitoring to a whole new level with its AI based automated
and customizable solution, allowing companies to install, monitor and manage
their IT infrastructure automatically and remotely. This cost and time efficient
solution offers unlimited data in real time and does the necessary dashboard
configurations automatically. No updates needed, no surprise charges.


Slush is becoming every year more and more important in the startup ecosystem. Initially held in Helsinki, the event is now being exported to Singapour, Shanghai and Tokyo.
Will one of these french startups be the next CybelAngel ? The parisian startup up founded in 2013 won the Slush’s 2016 edition pitch contest, that led it to their serie A fundraising with Serana Capital in June 2017. Winning this event’s pitch contest is without a doubt a stepping stone to success !

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