FITNHOTEL | Concours #SportTech 2016
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Pratique du sport
Résumez votre projet : 

FitnHotel allows its customers to access a more exclusive fitness and wellness in a atmosphere completely different from classic city fitness centers. In addition, we allow them to pay only hours they consume, there is no subscription and no registrations fees. Besides, we are in agreement with the increasing mobility of people and with the “uberization” area. The idea of Fitn’Hotel came out when we realized hotels’ gym are very often empty. We also realized it is increasingly more important for hotels to find new ways of consumption of their services. This is why FitnHotel drives traffic from gyms to non - room services such as the bar. In addition, hotels attract new customers without any costs, and they generate new revenue streams.

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En quoi votre projet est-il innovant ?: 

FitnHotel enables hotels to earn more non-room revenue by opening their fitness center.

Hotels’ fitness centers are mainly empty, while the classic city fitness centers are often overcrowded and congested. Moreover, Hotels don’t make profit out of these unexploited spaces, because they cannot sell subscriptions without disconcerting the usual room customers.

Fitn’Hotel solution and main product is fitness hours for non-room customers. Why? Because it allows us to “uberize” fitness Center while making it easy for Hotels to manage their new customer flow. Hotels make their schedule on their own by allocating days or only hours with a limited number of seats per hour.

Quel est votre business model, quelles sont vos perspectives de marché ?: 

Fitn’Hotel “uberize” hotels’ gym by selling fitness hours for non - room customers. Fitn’Hotel’s web platform is free, we take a commission on fitness hours price, thus there is no investment needed from hotels. Our strategy is to develop city by city and not country by country, in order to reach more easily the needed critical mass of available partners. The technical phase took place in Strasbourg and validated our technology. We aim to launch in Paris in June to validate our economic and marketing model.

Quelle est pour vous la prochaine étape de votre projet grâce au gain du concours ?: 

Our concept is extensive in terms of revenue streams. It is a start to bring hotels into the new digital world. It is also the start of a new way of consuming hotels as living places.. We may extend hourly booking to much more services.With fitn’hotel, our customers feel welcome in hotels’ gyms for one hour or more. Sportech competition funds would allow us to build our IOS and Android mobile apps and to increase our customer retention.

Qu’est-ce qui vous différencie de la concurrence ?: 

Part of our competitors are the 1% of hotels which sell subscriptions but not fitness hours. We are different because we intend to become a worldwide web platform. In addition, their reservation system consists in phone calls. Big company like or are potential competitors which could decide to implement our concept on their own website. We believe they will have inertia and will not put their working business model in jeopardy very easily. Classic city fitness centers could also sell fitness hours. Even if they do, hotels enable us to sell a completely different and more exclusive atmosphere to our customer.

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