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1er Avril 2019
EUR 30-50K annuel
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WeWork Sheung Wan
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Reporting to the CEO, the Head of Employee and Candidate Experience (HECE) will be responsible to improving the experience of Talkpush employees and candidates. The HECE in this role will look at all aspects of the employees and the candidate experience, with the view to improve it constantly, and by all means necessary. The HECE will be listening to employees and finding ways to add fun in their workplace, to address their frustrations and to build a more cohesive team across borders. The HECE will also tell the story of life at Talkpush to the outside world, to help us attract the best talent available.

Specifically, the HECE will be responsible for the following:
• Wake up obsessed about injecting fun in the workplace, with a servant mindset towards employees, wondering daily how to serve them with more empathy and care
• Build and maintain an employee handbook that reflects Talkpush’s unique culture and helps to onboard newcomers faster
• Conduct and analyse employee satisfaction surveys to identify areas of opportunity
• Develop and implement a rewards & recognition program for employees
• Transform the offices into welcoming and inspiring environments
• Partner with teams throughout the organization to standardize the employee experience for all departments (Product, Engineering, Sales, Customer Success, etc.)
• Design and manage the employee onboarding experience so that newcomers are eager and ready to kill at their job from day 1, including a regular progress review with the hiring manager during the probation/bootcamp period.
• Drive innovation in the employee experience space, transforming Talkpush into a model for other distributed companies to follow
• Showcase employee culture and workplace in a way to attract better/more talent via our website, social media, media and other digital assets.
• Post exciting job descriptions on popular startup job boards to help us attract the best and the brightest talent all over the globe
• Communicate the Talkpush employer brand digitally, making it stand out from the crowd with a unique employer value proposition
• Build a talent pool via social media and specialized online communities