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Internship Software Developer : Embedded OS


Stage Il y a  1 année 4 mois Développement / IT

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Entre 600€ et 900€ brut par mois selon profil

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Apply directly on our platform through the web link.

Descriptif de la mission

1 - Our vision
We have the vision that airports will be fully automatized in upcoming years, so that planes can land and takeoff with no human on ground. We will develop a solution gathering an artificial intelligence on a server to drive a fleet of robots.

Founded in 2018, OROK is a french startup supported by the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique. OROK also have a partnership with a ground handling sub-contractor named Onet Airport Services.

2 - The mission
OROK robots require a solid low level architecture to bring them to life. In order to do so we are building a brand new hardware architecture which requires to setup a FreeRtos environment on a target like an STM32F4, or an embedded Linux compiled from scratch on a x86 or arm high end target.

The objective of this internship is to :
- Help choosing the right CPU/board
- Configure and build embedded OS
- Setup drivers
- Test it on the target.

Keep in mind that as we are a startup, we are in a fast changing environment, we are open to all ideas, you will be part of our project, you can propose and arrange content !

3 - Your profile
* Diploma / Experience
- 1 or 2 applications coding experience (please provide source code)
- BAC+4 or above with embedded courses (transport industry, robotics)
- You already have a professional experience (internship, freelance)
- C or C++ dev
- Existing experience in bare metal programming or in linux kernel/distribution setup

* Considered as a plus :
- Participation in a robotic contest and/or Robotics geek
- Python and/or Linux and/or FreeRtos knowledge

* Soft skills
- Proactive and driving force, you can’t bear to stay inactive
- You want to work in a deep-tech start-up environment
- Tenacious ! Low level SW debugging can sometimes be quite a challenge

This internship can be either in French or English. For Frenchs, a minimum english level is required in order to undesrtand all code & datasheets that are written in english. For other native languages, a good level of English is required.

4 - The good things about this internship
- You will be supervised by an experienced embedded system architect with a specialisation in mobile robotics.
- The full development is delegated, not only the boring stuff !
- Test your creations in real, this is not a simulation only internship !
- In our start-up, everyone is important, we will have time to take care of you

We need to build a team for the long run, every internship is an opportunity for a permanent job.

Lieu de travail

French Tech One Lyon Saint Etienne