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Senior Tech Engineer (Back-end) (M/F)


CDI Il y a  3 mois 4 semaines Projet Web & Mobile

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Competitive salary + bonus + Free shares + remote + other benefits

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Please apply via this link: https://jobs.lever.co/voodoo/c26a280b-2bc0-4fec-bfe0-86eb33755d7c

Descriptif de la mission

Voodoo is a tech company focused on creating mobile apps for a wide audience.
Our goal is to entertain the world with snackable content and gaming apps!

Leader in the mobile gaming market, we are the n°1 company with the most monthly downloads worldwide on the App Store.

Based on our principles and values, you will have the chance to join a small, independent, and helpful team.
You will have full ownership of your role allowing you to be unique and continuously strive for excellence to deliver innovative and creative projects.


- Design & build mission-critical backend applications in a rapidly-changing, fast-paced environment
- Take full ownership of your work, bringing creativity and helpfulness to the workplace every day
- Think big and consistently deliver innovation while solving complex problems
- Bring bleeding edge technology into varied problem domains as a member of a high-performing, self-organizing team


- Solid experience building backend applications
- At least one significant experience using intensively one of these languages: Javascript, Go, Scala or C#
- Exposure to and understanding of the basic AWS cloud services like EC2. RDS, S3, DynamoDB, and ELB/NLB or equivalent services in another cloud environment
- Eagerness to learn new skills and code using new languages
- Familiarity with CI tools and processes like CircleCI and Agile development
- Deep understanding of Amazon Web Services
- Familiarity with services & technologies used in our Stack (see below)


- Backend code written primarily in Node.js with some Spark and Scala when use cases warrant it
- Cloud hosting is AWS with regular ongoing use of EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, S3, ECS, EKS, Route53 and Lambda
- DevOps/CI is implemented using CircleCI, Airflow, Git (GitHub), Docker/Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Grafana
- Emphasis is placed on CI/CD
- Persistent databases are both RDBMS and NoSql and normally implemented via RDS or DynamoDB
- Caching is implemented via Redis and Memcached