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Web Analyst / Growth Hacker


CDI Il y a  11 mois 11 heures Marketing & Communication

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Descriptif de la mission

The Growth Hacker will be in charge of analysing and providing data driven recommendations in order to optimize the Marketing Strategy of Procsea. On this brand new role you will:

Measure the performances (tracked URLs, tags…) and the investments made (Customer Acquisition costs; Revenues generated) regarding the different online Marketing campaigns (distribution email lists, texts, social media, SEO/SEA, displays…) to identify the best tactics for customer acquisition and optimize the conversion/retention rates
Quantify (Google Tag Manager), analyze and optimize (KPIs) the conversion rate of (online traffic, new generated leads…)
Analyze the data (Google Analytics) and recommend quantifiable improvement initiatives for supporting the performance of the different channels
Develop and implement analytical dashboards related to all the Marketing campaigns for the Marketing Director and other Team Managers
In partnership with the Head of Product, create and conduct comportmental and satisfaction (NPS) surveys
Own the role and become the Data Referent of the Marketing team

Lieu de travail

French Tech Rennes