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Mardi 18 février 2020

When does ATA translation come in handy?
As mentioned earlier ATA certified translator near me provides an accurate translation. In instances, such as when you are applying for a visa or citizenship certified via USCIS, there is a need for a certified translation. A certificate translation services is an accurate translation. The accuracy is further established by a certificate of accuracy to go along with the translation.
A translation can be certified by anyone in the US, however, translations from members of ATA (American Translators Association) is considered to be the industry standard. A member stamping and signing on a certificate of accuracy guarantees leeway in scrutinous situations. As ATA states, some government services asking for notarized translation may accept translation signed and stamped by ATA certified translators.
A certificate of accuracy includes a statement of translator’s qualifications, a statement affirming to completeness and accuracy of the document, identification of document, translators name, signature, and date.