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Master Space & Time, enhance engagement & understanding for better results through mixed reality. For Corporates, Tourism industry, Education

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We create engagement & understanding through presence for better results.

Businesses & Organisations -> Gain efficiency & save cost
We make you virtually travel to remote places & bring remote places closest to you, your clients, your staff.
3 offerings to make you gain efficiency & save cost:
- Remote Presence: Have your experts be remotely present to support your staff & clients directly when & where they are needed, freed of time & space constraints. A more efficient use of your resources with less cost, less hassle, less stress, less downtime for your clients.

- Remote visit: Immerse your clients, providers, teams into your company sites to achieve better results. Provide your sales teams better tools for client engagement. From scenario to the end result, we are your one stop shop.

- Immersive learning: Better results with stronger engagement, constant quality, lower cost, less travel and a lower carbon footprint.

- 3D Data visualisation: Understand, decide, act . Better data viz for better results.

- Consulting support you to make the right decisions when it comes to tools, equipment and content around cutting-edge 3D & immersive tech.

Tourism Industry -> Bring your treasures to life
Museums, touristic and historical sites, bring life to your sites by enriching them with compelling augmentations that improve your visitor experience.

- Present-Past tool: Easily create engaging experiences and valorise your assets. Make remote or fragile artifacts accessible to your audience.

- Augmented visits: AR storytelling experiences to better engage with your sites.

- 360° immersive experiences: Bring your sites to life to a wider audience. Make remote or fragile artifacts accessible to your audience locally and globally.

Training & education -> Immersive & efficient learning
- 360° immersive learning: Better results with stronger engagement, a constant quality, at lower cost, with less travel and a lower carbon footprint.

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Nils Huebner , ARdictive s.a.s. - Augmented reality storytelling experiences & tools for touristic visits - 11/12/2017 - 01:20

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