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ConnectTogether Inc

Réservé au monde associatif, c'est votre réseau social 'privé' pour faire grandir votre communauté.

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Running any charity is a tough job, but with ConnectTogether it can be fast, fun and easy!
With your own branded app gone are the days you have to worry about getting your messages seen amongst a mountain of posts or emails, and then hope your followers reply (with even a simple ‘yes - I’ll be there!’)
When you make a new post on your fully branded portal all your followers then receive an email PLUS a notification on the home-screen of their smartphone. Then in just a couple of clicks they can reply, donate, pay for an event, accept an invitation, give feedback and much much more.
ConnectTogether really is the ‘best of the web’ all in one place for Charities. No longer do you have to point your members to numerous webpages to complete different tasks. It even links with your FaceBook and Twitter!

marc duthoit , - 29/03/2017 - 01:00

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