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Technologie de détection de la contrefaçon

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Bonjour à tous,
Cypheme est la première intelligence artificielle capable de détecter les contrefaçons.
Basée à Shenzhen, mais avec une branche à Paris, nous cherchons activement des partenaires ayant des besoins de protection de leur marque, en particulier dans les domaines de la Santé, la Fashion et l'Alimentaire.
En particuliers nous cherchons à offrir notre technologie gracieusement à des ONG qui distribuent des médicaments. (la contrefaçon de médicaments tue plus que la malaria)
N’hésitez pas a me contacter pour plus d'infos !
Hugo G-C

Hugo Garcia-Cotte , Cypheme - 11/04/2017 - 23:05

An unprecedented counterattack against a worldwide threat.

Cypheme is a smartphone-based anti-counterfeit system. Combining microstructured paper tags and a mobile app using machine-learning powered pattern-recognition, it will allow anyone, anywhere, to verify the authenticity of the products adopting the solution.

The Cypheme system is the first pattern recognition-based, anti-counterfeit application.

There are no special mobile accessories, no QR code, and no hidden electronics. Using only the smartphone’s camera, the app is able to identify an individual piece of paper by the microstructure on it's surface.

Like a fingerprint, no two pieces of paper have the exact same microstructure. By recognizing this “fingerprint," the app is able to tell which tags have been used in an approved packaging and which haven’t and therefore come from a dubious source.

Extremely cheap and flexible, Cypheme opens up a wealth of new possibilities: Being repeatable and non-intrusive, the product can be checked before the purchase, on the shelf, by any number of potential customers and, just as well, by anybody along the distribution chain.

It’s an internet of things solution that allows one to keep track of the product, see where and when it ends up being sold and purchased and the state of the inventories.

- 08/03/2016 - 04:05

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