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Jaguar Network

Cloud & telecommunication Service Provider

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Jaguar network build its own European optical fiber network to Interconnect its 30 points of presence including its Next generation Datacenter in Marseille. This technical backbone enable JN to offer cloud computing services, UHS internet access, secure IP transit, Collocate space and HD enterprise telephony.

Our teams assist more than 1000 clients resulting an increase of our turnover of over 20% per year and to get one of the highest returns on the French market.

Our success reflects our vision. We believe that the technical infrastructure is a means to serve business needs. Responsiveness, listening our customers, technical expertise, understanding of business challenges and real-time scalability of our infrastructures are for us inseparable elements for our customers’ success.

Our motto? Support companies with reliable offers to allow them to concentrate on their core businesses and thus expand with confidence.

Kevin Polizzi , Jaguar Network Président - 20/01/2017 - 01:16

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