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Last Mile for BoP

Our mobile app and delivery service enable informal traders to order their stock from their phone and receive it at their doorstep. We give a direct access to informal markets to companies that want to expand their sales in these markets.

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We developed a mobile application that enables informal traders and grocery shop owners in townships and rural areas to compare bulk prices in their area and order all their stock directly from their phone. We then deliver their order to their doorstep within a few hours thanks to a network of independent local owner-drivers.

Our app and delivery service enable us to efficiently assist companies that want to develop their sales in informal markets and at the base of the pyramid. We collect live market data and offer marketing and merchandising in-store services.

We are committed to distribute social innovations like solar lights, clean cook stoves, sanitary pads or water filter. Our social impact is as important for us as our financial results.

Arnaud Blanchet , Last Mile for BoP - 04/10/2016 - 16:42

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