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LUCKYLINK Staff Recruitment

Connecting bar, restaurant, hotel and retail managers to certified staff real time.

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LUCKYLINK Recruitment Network developed a unique online and mobile platform dedicated to connecting employers of bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels to certified candidates.
LUCKYLINK combines the benefits of online job boards and traditional recruitment agencies - bringing together the best of both worlds.
LUCKYLINK enables employers to identify candidates that are certified to work in the UK and ensures all candidates are well spoken in English prior to interview. Search filters on the platform include: availability, experience, specialist skills, languages 
spoken and certifications. The platform allows real-time interaction via chat or video introductions and a digital CV viewer
Targeting both front and back of house staff, LUCKYLINK has expanded its reach to include managerial and office support positions. Primarily focusing on permanent roles, LUCKYLINK is also listing temporary opportunities.
LUCKYLINK rewards members who recommend successful recruiters or candidates with a generous referral scheme.

Audrey Vanderoost , French Tech London hub 28/01/2016 - 13:41