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Première plateforme européenne de données sur l'emploi, Rollee souhaite s'engager dans la lutte pour un accès plus inclusif et équitable aux produits financiers.

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With the great resignation, we have seen a world-wide trend to independent working in the last few year. Through platforms like Uber, Deliveroo, taskrabbit, Malt, it has become easier than ever to provide your services to the right customer. As a gig worker, a driver, a meal delivery person, you can make a living with flexible working hours, rising demand and a growing market.
At the same time those independent workers struggle with the most basic financial actions like renting an apartment, getting a loan, car leasing or insurance... The banking and insurance sector still sees independent workers as a risky target group, and don't take into account all data that would be available to them. Financial inclusion of all workers and fair access to finance products is a must-have. We can deliver that by building tools to analyse an independent workers earnings and activity data.

Pauline Kletti , Rollee - 14/04/2022 - 23:50

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