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Snips est une startup à la pointe des technologies prédictives au service des usagers.

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Technology is a central part of our modern lives. The promise is simple: learn how a machine works and make it do things for you more efficiently than you could yourself.

Yet, with all the progress technology created, a darker side also emerged: we became addicted. We needed more technology to do more things, forcing our brain to create coping mechanisms from feeling overwhelmed.

But what if getting machines to do things was as simple as asking them directly? If we remove the cognitive effort of learning how machines work, then there would be no addiction, no sense of saturation. We could be hyper-connected and yet feel disconnected, making smart devices as ubiquitous and intuitive as electricity. At Snips, we believe Artificial Intelligence can make technology so effortless that it disappears from our consciousness.

Compte Officiel #LPT , Orpailleur de Pépites French Tech - 06/07/2015 - 23:45

Wow, le Labs est impressionant ! Bravo :)

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