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BY Solutions

Outil créé par les hôteliers pour les hôteliers, afin de les aider à développer leurs profits.

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We are hoteliers and have created Profit Intelligence (PI) for hoteliers. Also we have started this journey with the following in mind:
PI has to:
• Keep the hotelier at the centre and in control of the strategy, no black box! – Simple to use, intuitive, automatized, efficient…
• Look at profit first and then total revenue rather than just room revenue – across all dimensions (Segment, channel, product…), 360° vision of the strategy, no dead corner…
• Fit any hotel type: large or small, independent or branded… - Affordable, fully flexible (tax, segments…), integrated consolidation and forex management…

Bastien Briole , BY Solutions - President - 03/10/2017 - 00:00