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Plateforme de test participatif d'application web ou mobile.

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Portrait de Nolan Lacroix

Nolan Lacroix

Avantages : User-friendly, easy to use & good remuneration for testers, with a token system

Inconvénients : Some improvements to be made, such as: - Some testcases could be tested several times by tester (the gain would be lower and lower until reaching 0, ie. Y = 1 / x) = Improved coverage - To be able to know the profile / nickname of the co-testers, to talk to them, to have an overall result (for example, to know how many bugs were found thanks to all the co-testers, ...) = more transparency, more communication & exchanges

Commentaire : Testeum is a very good, innovative crowdtesting tool. The price is very reasonable for the customer, and the pay is very good for the tester.

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Portrait de Zoé Thivet

Zoé Thivet

Avantages : Fast, reliable and cheap for editors; fair for testers

Inconvénients : Editors need to set up their test cases by their own

Commentaire : Nice ecosystem and convenient features for both editors and testers.

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Portrait de César DELISLE


Avantages : Efficient and affordable, demo environment available, pay per use.

Inconvénients : Self managed

Commentaire : Testeum is a change maker in the field of crowdtesting. You should definitely give it a try and if you think that people should be paid ethically for their service, promote Testeum !

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Technology, Management, Collective intelligence, innovation are playgrounds without limits in which we can create value with the right team and make our world feel better.

César DELISLE , CEO TESTEUM - 11/01/2021 - 00:00