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Meet Utelly, the next generation of TV Guide that lets you find what to watch, fast. Use your iPhone to change channels on your set top box or smart tv.

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TV used to be simple but not any more.

Today, TV is the sum of Live TV + On-demand + Catch-up + User videos; and finding what to watch is a pain.

For consumers, Utelly brings all content sources into a single app, making content discovery enjoyable again. At the tap of a finger, the content plays on device or on the TV/Set top box.

By being the content aggregator, Utelly is uniquely positioned between the consumer and the shows.

For TV professionals, Utelly offers a new marketing toolkit to drive the right audience to the right content, hence bringing to market a new kind of performance marketing from digital to broadcast.

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- 27/01/2016 - 09:05

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