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Wafer Messenger - Endless Creativity, Limitless Reach, Your Rule

- The only messaging service which allows you to use up to six types of media - sketches, text, stickers, audio, photos, and video - in one single message

- Voice quality up to 11 times better than regular landline calls

- Wafer allows you to contact people using other messaging services

From Snapchat to WeChat, WhatsApp to Telegram, research shows we live in a world where we juggle between 4 and 10 different chat apps on our smartphones. Given their similarities and clear creative limitations this seems an absurd arrangement, but needs must - how else, for example, do you reach a Viber user if they only use Viber? The answer, as a growing number of people are realising, has finally come: Wafer Messenger.

Based in Luxembourg, but with offices also in India and the USA, Wafer Messenger was selected among the most promising startups in the world at last year’s Web Summit in Lisbon. It’s easy to see why. The app enables its users to compose the most creative messages, while also giving them the ability to reach all of their contacts for free through text or call; even those contacts who are not on Wafer yet.

Indeed, the app is based on two groundbreaking ideas which Simone La Torre, co-founder and CEO of Wafer calls Endless Creativity and Limitless Reach. “With the multi-layered messages, our users can combine 6 types of media in one single messages, which include hand-drawn sketches, text, stickers, photos, audio files and video. This lets our users create content impossible to create on any other mobile platform”. Additionally, in order to disrupt the market and make an attempt at offering a versatile alternative to WhatsApp, Facebook and WeChat’s leading platforms, the team at Wafer realised they couldn’t play the same game as they do.

Instead of trying to isolate their user base, like all other chat apps do, they are actually supporting their users to reach all their contacts even through other platforms.

If the recipient does not have Wafer downloaded, the app will create a secured link which you can send through SMS, any other chat app, or even via email. Once your friend clicks on the link, both of you can chat on Wafer. More recently, Wafer released a ground breaking feature called Wafer Free Call. This features allows users to call anyone from their contacts for free. Again, the recipient does not have to have Wafer downloaded to receive the call. Moreover, the calls are not compressed, which means the quality of the call is up to 11 times better than a regular phone call.

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